The Godmother of Nature Photography Day

Shirley Nuhn, the Godmother of Nature Photography Day.

Shirley Nuhn, the Godmother of Nature Photography Day.

On June 15th, photographers the world over will mark Nature Photography Day with photo walks, camera club outings, photography exhibitions, competitions and a host of other activities. This will bring attention to the enjoyment of nature photography and its role in conservation and protecting our natural world.

But how did that occasion start?  Whose idea was it?  And what’s this about a godmother?

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2017 NANPA Award Winners

We are pleased to formally announce the 2017 NANPA Award Winners. NANPA Awards fit two broad categories: recognition and service. The NANPA Awards Committee accepts nominations, selects and evaluates candidates for each award and makes recommendations to the NANPA Board of Directors. The 2017 NANPA Awards will be presented at the 2017 Nature Photography Summit in Jacksonville, FL, March 2-4. Continue reading



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NANPA founding president and lifetime member Mark Lukes was also founding chair of the NANPA Foundation and the Center for Fine Art Photography. He is currently president of Art for Conservation and recently completed his tenure as the first board chair of the International League of Conservation Photographers. Mark’s company, Fine Print Imaging, has long been considered the top printer for fine art photographers and artists across North America. He is also a photographer. Be sure to read Mark’s answer to the last question in this interview for insight into NANPA’s beginnings. — The Editors

Do you have a “day” job? What do you do?

I am the founder and president of Fine Print Imaging, a fine art printing studio that has been printing for serious photographers and artists for more than 40 years. Many of our customers are NANPA members. Interesting fact: the company employs 11 professionals who represent over 230 years of work experience at Fine Print Imaging!

How long have you been a NANPA member?

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Lukes_PortraitMark Lukes is the founder and president of Fine Print Imaging, a printing company specializing in printing for fine artists and photographers.

What NANPA committees have you served on, when, and what positions have you assumed?

I was the first NANPA board president, from 1994 -96, and the first NANPA Foundation president. I’ve served on numerous committees, including the Environment and History Committees, and I chaired the Fine Art Exhibit and College Scholarship committees. Continue reading