Happy New Year!

First edited photo of the New Year, a black-bellied whistling duck in southern Louisiana © Dawn Wilson

By Dawn Wilson, NANPA President

Well, 2021 is finally in the books. I am not sure about everyone else, but I am very happy to see it in the rearview mirror. It was a tough year for many, including myself, and in my home state of Colorado it ended with another horrible wildfire. Events like that put life in perspective to remember to spend time with those you love, don’t worry about things and stuff, and treat every moment like it is the most special of your life.

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A Thankful Photographer

While the heron is thankful for a meal, I’m thankful for places like Huntley Meadows Park where I can photograph wildlife. © Frank Gallagher

By Frank Gallagher, NANPA Blog Coordinator

As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend, I am reminded of a relative who used to make each guest at her holiday table say what they were thankful for. But, in year two of a pandemic that’s taken so many lives and disrupted travel and business, are there things we’re still grateful for? Yes, Virginia, there are many things for a nature photographer to be thankful for. Vaccines, for one, that are gradually helping life, travel, and our businesses return to a more normal state, and, in no particular order:

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