Don’t Miss NANPA’s Town Hall Meeting: Creating an Ethical Field Approach

Photo of photographers and a moose.

Learn about ethical nature photography practices in this month’s Town Hall Meeting.

There’s still time to register for NANPA’s next online Town Hall on Wednesday, October 24th, at 5 PM EDT.  Jennifer Leigh Warner, NANPA’s Ethics Committee chair, will help you learn how you can have a more ethical approach to photographing wildlife and how to better label your images so you can maintain public trust in the credibility of your images. Join us for this webinar where we will discuss some basic tips to approaching wildlife and how to properly label your images. We will also discuss what the NANPA Ethics Committee has been up to this year.

NANPA Town Hall Meeting: Creating an Ethical Field Approach
Presented by Jennifer Leigh Warner
October 24, 2018, 5pm EDT
Target Audience: Everyone

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Two Minute Read – Why Are Star Reflections in Water Elongated?

Why is the reflection of a full moon in the Snake River a stretched-out oval and not a round disk?

Why is the reflection of a full moon in the Snake River a stretched-out oval and not a round disk?

An interesting question came up during a recent NANPA webinar on “Chasing & Photographing the Aurora Borealis” presented by Carl Johnson.  Why is it that the reflections of stars, moon or sun in bodies of water always seem to have elongated shapes?  After all, when doing night photography, with a short enough shutter speed, the moon will be sharp and round; the stars will be tiny, sharp, points of light.  So why do they seem to stretch out when reflected in a lake, stream or pond?

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NANPA Webinar: Photographing Snowflakes

Photographing Snowflakes

Presented by: Don Komarechka

Don Komarechka Photography,

Wednesday, Feb. 8, 4:00pm EST

Snowflakes are the best part of winter. Unimaginably small but with unending details, they push macro photography to the limits. These limits don’t necessarily require special equipment and skills, but you need some way to push beyond the barrier of a normal lens. This webinar is intended to empower you with the ideas, concepts, and techniques to do just that. There are a lot of moving parts that need to come together, and we take a look at every ingredient to make magic from snow. Camera settings, magnification, focusing techniques, and the post processing / focus stacking workflow are all revealed. The content will be deep and detailed, get ready to explore the universe at our feet!

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