Jaguars of the Pantanal with Jeff Parker

Make the jump and do this bucket-list item with me during my “Jaguars of the Pantanal Photo Tour ~ 2021!” You will photograph wild jaguars, endangered giant otters, ocelots, Hyacinth Macaws, Jabiru Storks, monkeys, parrots, raptors, and SO much more.

This photo tour takes place during the very best time to be in the Pantanal: August. This region, the world’s largest contiguous wetland, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and for a very good reason — the wildlife sightings here are off the charts!

Botswana ~ Scouting Tour with Jeff Parker

LIMITED to six (6) participants. All-inclusive (double occupancy). This is a SCOUTING TRIP offered at a special price — $6995 (all-inclusive; double occupancy)

This Botswana Wildlife Photo Tour ~ 2020 (SCOUTING TRIP) will take place in the wildlife-rich the Chobe River region and Okavango Delta.

Our tent camp in the Delta is perfectly located to find and lions (by the way: the lions of the Okavango Delta are the ). There are also leopards and cheetahs in the area. With our expert Bushman trackers we will have excellent chances to photograph these stunning creatures.

Only six (6) photographers on this trip. Grab it and growl:

Pumas in Patagonia with Sebastian Kennerknecht and Roy Toft

This Puma Photography Tour is designed to get you face-to-face with pumas in the wild. Also known as mountain lions, cougars, shadow cats, catamounts, and panthers, these cats are truly remarkable. Though generally extremely elusive, pumas have become a lot more visible in the Torres del Paine National Park area in the past six years — if you know where to look, and we do!

Not only will you get to see pumas on foot as we hike through their habitat, you will see them with the backdrop of the famous Torres del Paine mountains! Trust me when I say, being less than thirty yards from a wild puma, on foot, is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. This week long photo tour is co-led by world famous Roy Toft, and myself. Combined we have over eight years of experience in the area. We expect to have multiple encounters with good photographic opportunities.

$7900 ($1000 single room supplement)

Iberian Lynx in Spain with Sebastian Kennerknecht

Come photograph the world’s most endangered species of wild cat! Though very rare, this Iberian lynx photo tour is optimized to give you a chance to see and photograph this incredible feline. Last year, I saw eight Iberian lynx in a ten day period, of which three were good photographic opportunities. I have over three yeas experience in this area photographing these cats and I expect to have at least one encounter with good photographic opportunities with a wild Iberian lynx.

California Bobcats with Sebastian Kennerknecht and Daniel Dietrich

The central coast of California boasts one of the highest densities of bobcats in all of the United States. Join myself and Daniel Dietrich on our three day bobcat photography tour to find this incredible feline. Your tour leaders have over fifteen years experience photographing bobcats in Marin County, the location for this photo tour. Our expectation is to have at least one, but probably multiple encounters, with good photographic opportunities with a bobcat.

2019 NANPA Emerging Photographer Award: Sebastian Kennerknecht

Sebastian Kennerknecht photographing on coast, Skomer Island National Nature Reserve, Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom

Sebastian Kennerknecht photographing on coast, Skomer Island National Nature Reserve, Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom

Conservation photographer and iLCP Associate Fellow Sebastian Kennerknecht will receive NANPA’s 2019 Emerging Photographer Award at the 2019 Nature Photography Summit and Trade Show, February 21-23 in Las Vegas, NV. This award (formerly the NANPA Vision Award) is “given to an emerging photographer in “recognition of excellence and serves to encourage continuation of vision and inspiration to others in nature photography, conservation, and education.”

Among the criteria for this award are “a commitment to achieving a positive impact upon nature photography, and the conservation and protection of the natural world; plus the education of the general public about conservation and nature issues.” The awards committee noted that Kennerknecht is “emerging as an important wildlife photographer, especially in the area of wild cats, and species that have not been widely documented. His focus on ethical field practices and species conservation is a model that many other photographers should follow.  His frequent and smart use of social media to share his imagery and message are constantly growing in popularity, ensuring that he is truly advocating for the power and need of high quality nature photography.”

Kennerknecht’s work in photographing and documenting wild cats, both well- and little-known species, and his work with scientists, conservationists and social media to educate the public, make him an ideal recipient for this award. We were fortunate to ask Sebastian a few questions in between his travels.

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