Polar Bears and Aurora with Carl Johnson

This photo workshop combines technique in photographing the aurora borealis with the opportunity to capture images of polar bears from relatively close distances. After a night of photographing the aurora borealis in Fairbanks, Alaska, we will fly to the remote Inupiat village of Kaktovik within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. There, we will spend a total of 24 hours over four days on boats observing and photographing polar bears that gather in the area as they wait for the winter sea ice to arrive. While in Kaktovik, we will take one night (weather permitting) to go out and photograph the aurora borealis in this farthest corner of the Arctic. All lodging and meals included. For more details on the itinerary, visit the workshop page on our website.

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NANPA Weekly Wow: Sept 19-26

Pholcid spider holding eggs in her jaws © William Tyler

Pholcid spider holding eggs in her jaws © William Tyler

Each week www.nanpa.org highlights 7 images from the top 100 submissions of the 2016 NANPA Showcase competition. This week’s images are by:

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