Showcase 2019 Winner Profile – Jeff Maltzman

Showcase 2019, Best in Show, Scapes: Saguaro Cacti Reflected in a Small Pool, Bear Canyon, Tucson, Arizona, © Jeff Maltzman.


Jeff Maltzman is an ophthalmologist and avid landscape/nature photographer based in Tucson, Arizona. While he enjoys world travel in the pursuit of nature’s wonder, he is particularly fond of exploring and photographing his ‘backyard’ of the southwestern US, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. His images have been published in Arizona Highways magazine as well as in their books and calendars.

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A Time to Reflect

Tropical Waterlillies © F.M. Kearney

Story and Photographs by F.M. Kearney

The beginning of a new year is a time when many of us make resolutions to end bad habits, or to start that special project we’ve been putting off for months. It’s a time to take stock of our lives and to reflect upon our accomplishments (or lack thereof).

That got me thinking about literal reflections in photography. A perfect mirror image of a subject in a body of water is a great way to add interest and creativity to a photo. The amount of water can be as small as a dew drop on a stem that magically encompasses a floral portrait, to a river that reflects a mighty landscape.

Some reflections are easy to spot. I shot the two waterlilies above at a botanical garden in a reflecting pool – making it practically impossible not to include their reflection. It did take a bit of time, however, to find a “clean” composition where the reflection wasn’t obscured by any of the surrounding lily pads.

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