California Central Coast with James Neihouse

The fog and mist of early morning mix with the sea spray along the coast and hang in the air until the first rays of sunlight scatter them like leaves before the wind. It’s easy to see why this stretch of California Coast is so magical, with the Santa Lucia Mountains rising right out of the Pacific creating an impossibly rugged coastline with an endless variety of enchanting headlands, arches, sea-stacks, and secluded beaches. For the seascape photographer this is truly paradise.

Our adventure will take us from Montana de Oro, south of Morro Bay to Salmon Creek Falls, just north of Ragged Point, and along the way we’ll be treated to some breathtaking seascapes. We may encounter Sea Otters around Morro Bay and Cambria, Elephant Seals at San Simeon, and maybe even some zebras (yes, I said zebras).

This workshop is about honing your photographic abilities, both aesthetically and technically. Of course we don’t have to limit ourselves to just beautiful seascapes, there will be opportunities to photograph wildlife, do a little macro work and possibly even some night sky imaging, it’s really up to you.

It is our feeling that photography is not just about making an amazing image, it’s about the artistic and physical journey to that image. We endeavor to create for you a dynamic, fun learning environment, surrounded by like minded creative people, while enjoying the beauty of nature and having a great time doing it.

Channel Islands National Park – America’s Galapagos

Story and Photography by Jerry Ginsberg


Camping on Anacapa will allow you to capture a great sunrise from spectacular Inspiration Point at the island’s east end.  © Jerry Ginsberg

We are accustomed to driving to our national parks. This is definitely not the case with Channel Islands National Park. This little archipelago of a half-dozen rocks jutting out of the Pacific Ocean a few miles off the coast of central California is reachable only by a short boat ride. This rather contradictory blend of remoteness and accessibility offers some unique opportunities for us photographers.

The Channel Islands are called America’s Galapagos – and for good reason. A wide variety of birds and pinnipeds are in plentiful supply. Western gulls find safety here. Continue reading