Moss Landing CA with Jennifer Leigh Warner and Alicia Amerson

Join The Photologists, Jennifer Leigh Warner & Alicia Amerson, on a marine wildlife photography safari in Moss Landing, CA
During this workshop you will create images of native wildlife and landscapes, learn about the importance of conducting ethical field practices when photographing wildlife, learn about the local ecology and biodiversity of the region, expand your understanding of which camera settings to use in different scenario, and learn how to create storytelling images that support conservation efforts to protect the subjects that we photograph.

*Please note that that the registration deadline for this workshop is October 1st.

Suitable for All Levels:
This photo safari is suitable from the amateur wildlife watcher to the serious professional photographer. Instruction will be as much or as little as desired.

Physical Requirements:
Very low. We will be photographing from a boat at a seated position for the duration of the photo safari. If you get seasick, please take the appropriate measures to make it as comfortable for you as possible.

What’s included in the price:
Private boat charter, photography instruction from Professional Wildlife Photographer Jennifer Leigh Warner. She will assist with camera settings and helping you create interesting compositions of the unique animals that call Moss Landing home. Marine Biologist, Alicia Amerson, will be available to provide information about the area, natural history of the local wildlife, and share ethical standards for flying drones around wildlife.

Jennifer and Alicia invite guests to join them for a PhotoShare event in the lobby of the Residence Inn in Monterey following the safari.

Bonus Gifts

– Book on Conducting ethical and safe drone flights around wildlife and humans by Alicia Amerson

– Bookmark featuring Jennifer’s wildlife photography collection

– Ethical wildlife photography and drone flight guidelines