Reflections on NANPA Summits, Part Two

Joe and Mary Ann McDonald

Summit Memories, Continued

By Shirley Nuhn

NANPA has a rich and interesting history spanning more than a quarter century. Members who joined more recently might not know some of the unique individuals and memorable events that came before them, so we asked Shirley Nuhn, who serves on NANPA’s History Committee, to share some of her memories. Those who have been members longer may enjoy these trips down memory lane, too.

For Part Two of my blog on NANPA Summit reflections, (see Part One here) I’m turning the spotlight on long-time attendees.  Joe and Mary Ann McDonald are the recipients of NANPA’s 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award. Here’s what Mary Ann recently told me:

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Reflections on NANPA Summits, Part One

Photo of Jane Kinne at awards banquet with her "coat of many colors" at the 1998 NANPA Nature Photography Forum in Haines City, Florida.
January 17, 1998, NANPA Nature Photography Forum, Haines City, Florida. Jane Kinne at awards banquet with her “coat of many colors.” Photo credit: Charlene Maise

Summit Memories with Jane

By Shirley Nuhn, NANPA History Committee Co-Chair

Civics, geography, history. They’re still among my favorite subjects. History was going to figure largely in a few of my NANPA Nature Photography Summit memories, and they revolved around a remarkable woman named Jane Kinne.

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Nature Photography Day Is Coming

Nature Photography Day Graphic
Click to download a Nature Photography Day flyer to display or share.

By Frank Gallagher, NANPA Blog Coordinator

June 15 is Nature Photography Day, a time to promote the enjoyment of nature photography and to reflect on how photos can be used to further the cause of conservation. NANPA celebrated the first Nature Photography Day (NPD) back in 2006 and, over the past 15 years, there have been many ways the day has been observed—not just in North America but across the globe as well.

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Get Ready for Nature Photography Day

Nature Photography Day poster

This has been a very difficult year for all of us. Just as the stay-at-home restrictions of COVID-19 were beginning to lift around the US and overseas, protests following the death of George Floyd put many places under curfew and left many Americans reeling and emotionally drained. It’s no wonder that we photographers look forward to getting back out into nature and experiencing, once again, the sense of calm, peace and wonder that the natural world provides. Perhaps we will appreciate the healing effects of nature even more for having missed it so much lately. In this respect, Nature Photography Day (NPD), June 15th, couldn’t be better timed.

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The Godmother of Nature Photography Day

Shirley Nuhn, the Godmother of Nature Photography Day.

Shirley Nuhn, the Godmother of Nature Photography Day.

On June 15th, photographers the world over will mark Nature Photography Day with photo walks, camera club outings, photography exhibitions, competitions and a host of other activities. This will bring attention to the enjoyment of nature photography and its role in conservation and protecting our natural world.

But how did that occasion start?  Whose idea was it?  And what’s this about a godmother?

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Shirley Nuhn playing the piano at the recent 2013 NANPA Summit in Jacksonville.

Shirley Nuhn playing the piano at the recent 2013 NANPA Summit in Jacksonville.

Volunteers of NANPA: Shirley Nuhn

Shirley Nuhn is a lifetime member of NANPA. Lifetime memberships are bestowed on recipients of Photographer of the Year and Lifetime Achievement awards as well as on past presidents and their spouses (if members during the presidency).  Shirley was the first chairperson of NANPA’s History Committee and instrumental in its structure and development. Continue reading