South Texas Birds with Jeff Wendorff

The Texas Bird Photography Workshop is the result of my enthusiasm for Bird Photography and willingness to share a couple of decades of experience as a professional wildlife photographer and workshop instructor.

Who knows how many of the more than 100 possible species we will find, but when we do they will be right where we want them, in front of your camera. We will be photographing from blinds that have feeders and freshwater to get up close, without fear of spooking the birds away. We will create beautiful natural perches and perfect non-existent backgrounds so your images will be fantastic!

Along with a local expert with hundreds if not thousands of hours photographing birds in Texas, we will help you create your best bird photography images. You’ll learn about the birds, you’ll learn about your gear, and you’ll learn how to create stunning bird photography images!

South Texas for the Wildlife Photographer by Jeff Parker

Painted bunting by Jeff Parker

Painted bunting by Jeff Parker

Images and text by Jeff Parker

The desolate landscape of the South Texas Brush Country doesn’t look like much, but the biodiversity makes it one of North America’s best places for wildlife photography. It definitely ranks high on my list!

Scientists classify South Texas as a “semi-arid, sub-tropical” region. The result? Lots of wildlife! That includes a large number of bird species living at the far northern edges of their ranges.

Many—e.g. Kiskadee, Green Jay, Audubon’s Oriole, Couch’s Kingbird—are known as “South Texas Specialties.” And spring migration dramatically boosts the number of photogenic subjects that fly your way. By the end of April the summer breeders, such as Painted Buntings, Varied Buntings, and Scissor-tailed Flycatchers have arrived.

The best photography occurs when the animals grow hot and thirsty and flock to water to drink and cool off. Painted Buntings, in particular, really like their baths! This makes late-May and June prime photography time in the South Texas Brush Country.  Continue reading